Likert Survey Response Chart

Likert Survey Response Chart

If you have survey data, with Likert-type responses (eg "Strongly Agree", "Agree", "Neutral", ect), the best way to represent this (I reckon) is with something like the following:

This is a great tutorial, so there's no point me re-inventing the wheel and retracing their steps.

This gantt chart is one of the many specialized charts in Tableau (along with Sankey, Starburst and Waffle) that really look awesome yet still convey the info effectively.

It takes a fair bit of practice to do these with your own data. I haven't memorized the steps. What I do, instead, is just transfer the formulas over, from a template to my new data source.

Still, it can get tricky if it has been a while. So here's a video I made, showing you my method:

Some notes

First up, are your responses text?

Or numeric?

Either way is okay. The first step is to change it from "wide" format to long. We can do that using the pivot operation in the data source view.

If they were numbers, the pivoting process is the same.

We can now make sure that we also have a numeric value, as well as a text value for the responses. We get this via a case_when calculated field. This Excel formula (used in the video) comes in handy for this:

="WHEN '"&A1&"' THEN "&B1

Anyways, here's the template file from the video.

Shared with Dropbox

With a dashboard, we can also align this chart next to an "Agreeance table," split by some other dimension, providing further insight.

In theory, we might also go one step further and also add an indicator for whether the difference between the two groups is statistically significant of not. But that's a separate post, I reckon (read: I don't know how to do it, yet).

We might also ask how to handle cases where there isn't a "neutral" level and, also, how our pivoting of the datasource could affect other questions (especially numerical responses (hint: they might be expanded). We might consider treating these Likert responses as a separate data source -but, then, how would we ensure "click filtering" between these and other questions in a dashboard?

These might be fun little challenges to tackle, as they arise. If you need any Tableau assistance, feel free to get in touch.