Intro to R -Towards Report Automation -New course (launch)

Intro to R -Towards Report Automation -New course (launch)

A brand new R workshop, on the 26th March 2020, in Melbourne's CBD.
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What can R do for you?

If you have any regular data-cleaning,
wrangling or reporting tasks,
knowing how to code in R is going to help you automate these substantially.

Say you have some survey data or a sales report or a social media summary. And, each week, you are re-creating these manually in Excel and Powerpoint (or equivalents).

Not only can this be slow and "not all that exciting" but it can also be prone to errors. And if changes come in at the last minute, it puts incredible pressure on the (usually) one person capable of compiling it all together.

With an R script, outputs can usually be generated reliably, in a matter of seconds and, if the person responsible is away, having a colleague run the script is nowhere near as much of a burden.

I suspect R will become "the new Excel" in the very near future
(ie. that most routine business reporting and analysis tasks will be done this way)

Having the capacity to map out processes such as these (and to produce timely, attractive deliverables) is going to make you indispensable, wherever you work. You will become your department's reporting guru.

But learning code isn't easy.

This is true. But thanks to many recent developments in the R community, in particular its movement towards one cohesive syntax (tidyverse) and, with the right course (*cough *cough) setting you up with the best foundation, the journey is becoming considerably less confusing.


This course is going to get you out in front of the curve by covering:

  • the foundations of coding in R
  • data-wrangling
  • visualization
Some example ggplot2 charts

There will also be a particular focus on the means of actually getting your beautifully-crafted and swiftly produced analysis into the hands of your stakeholders, via the following sorts of deliverables:

  • formatted Excel files
  • PowerPoints
  • pdfs
  • dashboards
  • emails

All generated with code.


The course covers the following:

  1. The RStudio IDE (+ shortcuts)
  2. The fundamentals of R code
  3. Manipulating data in tables (+ key dplyr verbs)
  4. Importing and exporting Excel and csv files
  5. Common string-related challenges
  6. Non-Excel data sources
  7. Charts (ggplot2 + others)
  8. Summary tables (kableExtra + others)
  9. Compiling your outputs with rMarkdown
  10. Staying on top of your R game

Workshop Style

The content of this course is designed with the intention of attendees being able to follow along.

Additionally, there will be several break-out activities and interactive "brain-buster" challenges, as well as group discussions on various potential applications and use cases.


The goal is for you to depart this workshop with an excellent understanding of the R universe and a great start towards a whole range of cool and interesting options for utilising R in your work.

Additionally (and certainly not to be underestimated), you will also know most of the key terms for Googling solutions to the particular thing you're stuck on, in your own projects, later on.

You will also be well-linked to the exceptionally inclusive and supportive R community (not to mention your fellow workshop attendees), which will be an immense support as you proceed on-wards and up-wards in your R journey.

The course will also include some great checklists, cheat sheets and plenty of example code, which you can review in your own time, after the workshop.

Your Instructor

Julian is a freelancing data consultant, coming from a psych / business analyst / consulting background. He has done lots of BI projects in the tertiary sector, as well as a few private gigs.

It probably goes without saying that Julian is a massive R advocate. He has been living, breathing and struggling with R over the past 4-5 years (in amongst some other great BI / data tools, as well).

This course is the culmination of countless hours of battling away at figuring the best practice for heaps of different business scenarios. He has spent many months crafting this course, to make sure it includes excellent examples and sample code that is on point and relevant to your learning needs.

Julian also thinks that he has what it takes to make this course fun, as well as informative.

Target Attendees

This workshop will be appropriate, if some of the following apply to you:

  • You are responsible for a couple of regular reports or data-wrangling tasks that you presently complete in Excel (or via some other manual process).
  • You presently do statistical work with SPSS or SAS and want to see how it could be done in R.
  • You have made an initial foray into learning R but have struggled to surpass a few frustrating roadblocks.
  • You have a fair degree of practice with R but suspect you might be using old-fashioned syntax.


It is recommended that you at least have a browse of my intro to R playlist, up on YouTube.

These videos represent the content from sections 1 - 4 (from the "Topics" list above). Watching these videos will be the best chance towards ensuring that you and your fellow attendees arrive on the day with at least a relatively similar starting point.

This content will be covered (at a relatively swift pace) at the start of the workshop. We will then proceed to expand upon it considerably, with plenty of more advanced topics / techniques (as per sections 5-10 in the Topics list).

What to bring?

  • Your laptop.
  • Casual clothes (if you like). The workshop is held in the boardroom of a trendy coworking space in Melbourne's CBD. Fancy suits might trigger the regulars.


Thursday 26th March 2020

9:00am to 12:30pm (half-day attendees)
9:00am to 4:30pm (full day)

The Commons QV, Melbourne
3 Albert Coates Ln
Melbourne VIC 3000

10 people (max)

Yes (but not lunch)


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So that's it...

I hope to see you there. If you're unable to make it, due to being unavailable on that date, feel free to shoot me an email and I can make sure you're informed of upcoming sessions.